Our research group studies ways to improve urinary and sexual wellness. We study topics focused on genitourinary reconstruction, trauma, sexual medicine, health equity, lower urinary tract symptoms and health services research. We frequently use large data and epidemiologic techniques. We have published extensively on patient reported outcomes in urethral stricture disease, incontinence and trauma. We have investigated national trends and cost of bicycle trauma and the impact of cycling on urinary and sexual health.

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August 12, 2022
Wake Forest University Health Sciences and UCSF Urology receive grant from CIRM












January 08, 2020
UCSF Study: Electric Scooter Injuries Jump 222 Percent In Four Years
By Wilson Walker, CBS SF Bay Area






September 09, 2019
Cancer Patients Turn to Crowdfunding to Pay for Medical Care
UCSF Study Shows Shows GoFundMe is Financing Medical Travel, Alternative Treatments - and Funerals
By Elizabeth Fernandez